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ServicesResearch and business analysis

We help guide your business in improving processes, products, services and software though data analysis.

Strategic planning and budgeting

We help your organization to formulate your overall IT strat-egy. We outline areas where IT can contribute to your business’ value ad where you can gain com-petitive advantage by making the best use of technologies resources.


Consulting and marketing support

Digital marketing is vital for your business and brand awareness. Because there are so many options and strategies associated with it, we can help you choose the ones that are right for your business’ goals.
We offer the following digital marketing services:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Pay-per-click (PPC)
Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)



At GLOBE CYBER MARKETING SRL, we reduce risk through consulting services and security product expertise. The world of computing and the Internet is continuously evolving. What was relevant today could be outdated tomorrow. As technologies evolve, so do threats. Yet, many companies implement their technology without guidance from IT, information security, or risk specialists.
If you choose our cybersecurity services, your business will gain significant monetary and non-monetary value. Not only will you keep business materials confidential and out of the hands of competitors, but you will also improve employee productivity by minimizing computer system downtime and optimizing your website’s uptime. As you protect computers and hardware from malware, you’re also improving equipment lifespan.


Information Security Services

Virtual CISCO: We bring you a dedicated CISCO assigned to your company that is affordable and efficient.
Cybersecurity consulting: We help guide your journey to cyber resiliency.
Penetration testing: Our dedicated team can identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities before an attack takes place.
Network Security Monitoring: We offer 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring in order to detect attacks before it leads to a data breach.